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Farah Quinn Chef dan Model Seksi

Farah Quinn Chef dan Model Seksi - Farah Quinn, or also often referred to as the Sexy Chef is the events in the event of Ala Chef in "TRANS television".Farah, who was born in Bandung, the smaller of the activities are cooking. From smaller while still living in Sumatra he often she's mother help in Farah kitchen.Lovely the world to cook this, bring this world to learn more. He was working in Pittsburgh's Lydia, an Italian restaurant that is popular in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then he graduated forward Culinary Institute in Pittsburgh with a focus on pastry.After of science in many foreign countries, the mother of one child is to return to Indonesia and around the archipelago to the style of cooking to create her own style through the chef who broadcast trans tv.

Foto Farah Quinn Chef dan Model Seksi

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