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Foto Devi Permatasari

Foto Devi Permatasari is a sitcom actress, presenter, and model of Indonesia. Devi who began his career in the world of this model began to explore the role art plays a role in the Crown since Mayangkara. Name Devi soared when playing in the soap opera Silk Curtain. Some patron who later starred the youngest of three brothers, among others, humming, Love Berkalang Noda, Met Dream, My children dear, End of A Dream, Seed-Seeds of Love, Brahma Kumbara Throne, Two Worlds, A Request, shackles and Jackie Love . Devin was also played in several films, among others, Saur Sepuh 4: incarnated Blue Blood (1991), Red Swallow (1993), and Passion Night (1993). Today Devin is still actively acting in soap operas, especially the religious patron such as: Door Hidayah, Supreme Love 2 and Hidayah.

Foto Devi Permatasari

Devi was married to Chandra Priatna. After waiting a few years, they were finally blessed with a daughter, Amani Saleshia Fatiha (born February 5, 2003).

Besides a career in the entertainment world, Devi also opened several businesses, among others, named Cantika Flower Arrangement with offices in Kebayoran Baru area.


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