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Foto Seksi Atiqah Hasiholan di Majalah ME

Foto Seksi Atiqah Hasiholan di Majalah ME - Luna Maya as an ambassador for Lux before the entangled case of video nasty, the people be curious about the figure of Luna Maya successor as ambassador for Lux. Related to the announcement of a replacement tonight, the PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk is still shut.

Atiqah Hasiholan

Some had mentioned the name of a beautiful woman into the ambassador of Lux criteria, such as Atiqah Hasiholan, Syahrini, and Rianti Cartwright. To ensure validity, Legal Head of Corporate Communications interviewed PT Unilever Indonesia tbk, Maria Dewantini Dwianto.

"Want to Atika Hasiholan, would Syahrini, want Rianti Cartwright, or any other names rumored, I can not say now. If enough people familiar with the character of Lux ambassador for this, guess-guess yourself. What is clear, I am not going to say. Let's see tonight, "said Maria accompanied by mild laughter when contacted by phone on Wednesday (11/03/2010).

However, little guidance was asked Mary.

"Most people already know and some others have not. Maybe the star's pre-eminent, we see potential for him to become more famous. Potential to us orbitkan. His famous relative in character, "added Maria.

"He has never become another Unilever product commercials, only this time," said Maria.

To be sure, to paraphrase Mary, who is ambassador for Lux should be beautiful and smart beauty care and skin health.

"Having beautiful skin, has its own beauty. Problem indo descent or not, I'm not sure is true. To be sure of Indonesia, "he said.

While in terms of age, tend to be young ambassadors also Lux. When asked whether that status must be single, Maria replied, "Duta Lux has been average in terms of age is still relatively young, usually unmarried. But, that does not mean that has been double can not be a ambassador for Lux. Ambassador global Lux, Rachel Weisz already married, or Aishwarya Rai. So, no matter the status. "

Mary herself was not directly involved in the selection process of new Lux ambassador. He positioned himself as an advisor when needed.

"The vote is the people in Lux who is familiar with the brand outside-in and live with the brand. I just asked for the views, advise, "lid Maria.


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